An experimental pop outfit from Paris, Los Angeles and Chicago, MOONTALK coalesces subtly fierce gems from ephemera lurking at the border between perception and emotional intuition. Their songs and soundscapes seem like radio transmissions from another world, conjuring a sense of impossible nostalgia for something that has not yet happened. Featuring an extremely unconventional array of instruments, the trio’s live performances are both structured and improvisational, chaotic but controlled, never quite the same but threaded throughout by Greene’s haunting and powerful vocal delivery. MOONTALK’s studio output ranges between aggressively experimental sound & noise collage and simple, heartfelt songwriting, consistency supplied more by the feeling and sense of place evoked than by any specific structure or element.

Naomi Greene sings and plays electric harp, and writes most of the lyrics. She also occasionally plays keyboards.

Tim Horner plays synthesizers, and uses MIDI to control other synthesizers as well as the nervous tissue of small animals.

Theo Karon plays percussion, tape loops, samples and synthesizers, and acts as producer & engineer for the band’s studio work.